A free quote and good advice to start off your painting project.

Call me an optimist but it looks to me that 2015 will be as busy as 2014. That means if you’re thinking of painting this year, now is the time to get a quote and decide on a painter decorator.
And if like me, you like to stick around while the work is ongoing you might like to get your trip to France or Spain in early so you can be back home for the action.

Or if you aren’t all that interested in the painting process you could leave it all to us and take your holidays as scheduled knowing your property will be well looked after paint and security wise.

Not only will we paint it properly but we will also check all the external plumbing to make sure the water is directed where it should go. Water is good so long as it’s going where it should.
The joints on cast iron pipes should be sealed so that water doesn’t sit there, freeze and crack the pipe; expensive to replace and more expensive if the water penetrates into the interior.
So all the gutters, hoppers and rain water pipes will be checked, cleared, needed repairs noted and if the needed repair is not too big we will repair it anyway within the quote.

If there is a scaffold needed we will do all we can to make use of it and take a peek at the roof and the brickwork too.

We use only the best products because we enjoy using them and because it makes no sense to skimp on materials when the labour cost is 85% or more of the job.

If that sounds good, give us a call for a free quote, some sound advice and experience the real thing.

Enjoy the summer and show the neighbours you’re on top of things with a well painted exterior that will last.