Wood Repair

Windows and Woodwork - Preparation and Repair




Where there is rot to windows and other woodwork, this needs careful repair to avoid the rot taking hold again. Traditionally this has either been done by filling or cutting away and replacing with new wood.

We are pleased to offer an alternative approach with Repair Care International products.

Repair Care products are a range of filling, bonding and sealing agents that allow rot to be stabilised and the wood to be rebuilt.

Repair Care products can avoid the need for expensive carpentry and are very effective on complex shapes and where original architectural features need to be conserved.

Thus Repair Care has been used successfully on conservation projects where the emphasis is on preserving the original fabric.

Our staff are fully trained in the use of these innovative products.

If you have a rotten wood problem we will be very happy to advise on how to repair the damage. Just call us on 0208 226 4751

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