Exterior Woodwork Repair:

Rotten windows need careful repair to avoid the rot taking hold again. Traditionally this has either been done by filling or cutting away and replacing with new wood.

We are pleased to offer an alternative approach with Repaircare International products.

Repaircare products are a range of filling, bonding and sealing agents that allow rot to be stabilised and the wood to be rebuilt.

Repaircare products can avoid the need for expensive carpentry and are very effective on complex shapes. Repaircare has been used successfully on conservation projects where the emphasis is on preserving the original fabric.

Our staff have been fully trained in the use of these innovative products. If you have a rotten wood problem we will be very happy to advise on how to repair the damage.

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Exterior Woodwork:

•Where paint coatings are flaking, bubbled, built up in corners or unstable, these will be burnt off, or removed by raking with a shave hook to bare timber.

•The surfaces washed down then sanded with abrasive until smooth, and filled either with linseed putty or wood filler.

•No cellulose fillers will be used on timber.

•Defective putty to be raked out, rebates primed and putty re-run.

•Bare timber to be given 1 priming coat of oil based primer.

•Bring forward with 1 undercoat and 1 gloss coat.

•Timber will be sanded down between coats.


Exterior Stonework:

•All loose, flaking and unstable coatings to be scraped, wire brushed, burnt or otherwise removed.

•Crumbling stonework to be hacked off and refilled with either cement-based or "Toupret" filler.

•Cracks to be raked out, filled and smoothed, and repaired areas to be given 1 coat of exterior stabilising primer.

•Surface then to be painted with 2 coats masonry paint.

Exterior Ironwork:

•Remove rust and deteriorated paint by wire brushing.

•Prime with red lead wherever previous coating is broken.

•Apply 1 undercoat and 1 top coat gloss paint.


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Interior Walls and Ceilings:

•Strip existing coverings where applicable

•Remove areas of blown plaster as needed and skim finish

•Rake out, fill and smooth cracks; seal all repaired and water stained areas with one coat of Alkali Resisting Primer

•Size and line with 1200 grade lining paper, apply one mist coat

•Apply 2 coats of either matt vinyl emulsion, vinyl silk or eggshell

Interior Woodwork:

•Wash down, sand, fill and make good

•Prime exposed areas and apply 1 undercoat and 1 top coat of gloss paint or 2 coats of eggshell paint, sanding between coats

For more information, see the Glossary of Terms.


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