Spring, Paint and Moths.

It’s March already, close to the middle, nearly April, that hopeful month, when birds are glad and the brighter light of the day evokes in us memories we forgot we had.

Spring is pleasure for everyone. Greater, even to stop, look and listen.

It works every time.

But now, the time has come to talk of paint and property, of men and maintenance and gutters and gables.

Before I do, I want to say a word about moths, as spring will also bring, their day in the sun.

Moths are a problem in London that has increased in recent years.

This is how to win at eradication:

Buy Diatomaceous Earth and sprinkle it very lightly around where wool carpets meet skirting boards and anywhere you suspect there might be eggs or larvae. It won’t work well if you are heavy handed, so a light sprinkle only. You can also mix the powder with water and spray it-the residue is slightly visible on the carpets and woodwork but will wash wash off later. Much later, actually, as you want to leave it in place to continue working for some time. It will continue working indefinitely which is longer than chemical products. Meanwhile you and your infants can continue to crawl on the carpet without bother to health.

Here are instructions from the website: mothremoval.co.uk
Where do I apply the powder?

We recommend that placement is undertaken directly to the areas of infestation or areas that moths or their larvae may communicate. Diatomaceous earth is best used as a long-term preventative measure and should be placed in areas away from regular cleaning such as under heavy furniture or when possible under carpets.

Diatomaceous earth should be lightly applied rather than placed in clumps of powder; insects may detect the product and are more likely to avoid it when possible. Powder is best applied using a handheld dust applicator or sprinkled over the area, and a fine brush is applied to spread the material finely over the treatment area. Alternatively, diatomaceous earth can be mixed with water and sprayed; this can be particularly handy when applying products to areas that are irregular or to the underside of furniture, plants etc.

Just so you know:

As Diatomaceous Earth works by drying out the exoskeleton of the moth, so will it also kill your friendly spiders, as they too have external protection. I mention this, not because it’s a bonus, but because, if, as my wife and I, you have come to like your house spiders.

 I’ve run out of time now, and I am sorry if you were awaiting the painting info, but I’m happy to answer any questions on a phone call, or email for a free quotation.

Good luck