An early start to exterior painting and repairs.Plus: More than just a paint job

What is the advantage of an early-in-the-year start to your planned exterior painting, repairs and general maintenance?

Early spring is the time when most decorators are less busy than during summer. This can mean faster more efficient service, from both decorators and other trades involved in exterior maintenance. I.e. Scaffolders, carpenters, roofers etc.

And another thing…. painters’ prices are influenced by demand despite the best of intentions and so tend to rise with temperatures as summer rolls along.
Then there’s the possibility of missing out on the best painters who if life is at all fair will also be the busiest painters.

Moreover spring days are already long and bright with plenty of wind to dry out the wood after it’s been stripped of all that flaking paint and those soggy soft rotting bits and such bits sooner removed can avoid larger more expensive repairs later.

So hit the call buttons, activate some of those nice early springtime under-worked painting estimators and strike yourself an early bird bargain.

Ask the estimator to look at not just a paint job but also gutters, rainwater pipes, the gulleys, the joints between the window frames and brickwork, cracked glazing, windows painted shut or that need easing, wires and cables that need securing, blocked air bricks and try to seek out any rotted wood at time of quoting to avoid surprises when the work is in progress. Well that last one is not always possible as some rot only comes to light when the preparation is in progress. That reminds me of another tip: Tell your chosen painter to alert you of any rot found before he undertakes a repair. That way you can discuss the best method together which in the case of a very small hole might be just filler but more often the hole becomes larger if ALL the rot is removed properly which is what we do. Then if the timber section can be saved we effect a permanent repair using the best products on the planet from Repair Care. Have a look at the website at:


Good luck, oh and give us a call too for that free quote and good advice.