More skill is required for external painting than for internal painting.

The outside timber is subject to greater temperature and moisture range creating more stress on the paintwork. Therefore the painter needs to know more and do more to ensure the paint will stick and stick for a good few years.

Use of the correct and best products is key.

I recommend Toupret fillers for small areas of imperfection and the Repair Care System when rotted wood is uncovered.

Rotted wood is something not always obvious and not well understood.

Your old sash windows are made of good timber and will last indefinitely if properly cared for.

I’m often saddened to see these old windows replaced when only 5-10% of the window has rot. If your sash windows are original, the timber will be good quality and a proper resin repair can be carried out in most cases.

Repair Care products are an excellent solution to rot in windows and doors.

Repair Care will bond to the wood, remain slightly flexible and will not shrink.

Whereas normal 2-pack fillers do none of those 3 things and so are only useful for quite small areas of degenerative wood.

And here’s a good tip: If you come across a painter who is an advocate of Repair Care there’s a good chance he’s a good painter.

Repair Care products aren’t cheap but compared to the cost of a skilled carpenter to replace and splice-in timber it is cheap.

Or compared to allowing the rot to continue through lack of a proper repair, it is cheap.

Now is a good time to get a quote on your property before inflation and shortage of labour bump up costs.

Im always happy to supply a free quote and sound advice and hope to hear from you soon.