Perhaps there are home owners who didn’t get around to painting their outside woodwork last summer, who might be thinking, how that wood might have fared over the winter, and what can be done at this late stage.

A full exterior painting job during the short damp days of the British winter can be difficult, but there are a number of things that even now, CAN be done.

This might include:

Handling blocked gutters and ensuring the water flow is going where it should

Cutting back foliage so that the wood can dry faster after rain

Cleaning the window sills, the sky facing surfaces and removing built up dirt from the wood

Treating and applying paint to the deteriorated and exposed areas only, as a holding action

And when the weather is better you can make use of some excellent newer products on the market today that will prolong the life of a paint job.

When I first began painting in 1980 there was a limited product range on the market. In the 90’s however, modern chemistry was applied to the problem of TIMBER REPAIR and preservation and some excellent products came out of Europe, The Netherlands in particular has produced a system using a superior resin that forms a chemical bond onto the wood, will not shrink and is slightly flexible.
Having these qualities means it is ideal for use on moving parts such as sliding sash windows and doors.
I have been round the houses, so to speak, exploring these products and I am confident that I can provide the best advice on how to handle decay and rot in your precious box sash windows and other exterior wood.

If the decay is permanently handled (and not just made good and filled) your windows will last indefinitely.
This method is called The REPAIR CARE SYSTEM. This entails the use of a number of products and exact procedures that will provide a more lasting SOLUTION TO ROT than other more expensive alternatives such as having a carpenter splice in sections of new wood.
Why? Because as I mentioned above the resin will chemically bond onto the old wood and not shrink. A splice will open up and allow moisture into the wood as the new spliced-in wood begins to shrink.

There is more information on PERMANENT SOLUTIONS TO ROT on THIS website and also a link to the manufacturer.

Give me a call; the season may not be conducive for actual painting, but I would be happy to come by and talk about products, methods and rates.

Good Luck