Just a few words about the serious subject of spending money on your property

At J P Taffe, we do painting, decorating and property maintenance.

We do all forms of property maintenance, and therefore can deliver more than just a paint job, if that is what’s needed.

We are trained to notice everything to do with the care of property:

scaffolding-cropThings like gutters to be cleared or re-laid to the correct fall, dilapidated brickwork, cables and wires that need securing, or perhaps damp proof courses that need to be freed from earth build up.

If your exterior maintenance requires scaffolding we’ll give you a separate, competitive quote and make sure that full use is made it to inspect the roof, chimney stacks and other high level areas.

After 30 something years, I know a lot about the business, and I’m experienced enough to give you an accurate picture of what to expect; because in the service industry we are all only selling you the promise of a product at the time of the quotation.

Experience can save you money, as experience will notice things -the beginnings of wood rot for example and whether it’s wet rot or the dreaded dry rot.

And we have the world’s number one product for handling rotted wood permanently. Have a look at the wood repair section on the website here.

I’m the one you will see if you request a quote and after sending a written quote, free by the way, you may receive a follow up call, but I won’t annoy you with persistence.

Good luck