Happy as Louis


Like many women my wife can create something out of nothing, and such an ability can be good and bad.
This morning for example, while listening to Louis Armstrong as the guest on the Desert Island Discs replays that she loves, she decided her life (and consequently mine) was boring in comparison. Not wishing to develop this theme with her, I didn’t react, nonetheless I felt the criticism, because all I’ve ever tried to do is make her happy. Well not all, but nearly all. I admit in earlier days when we were younger and more hormonal I did feel competition ( if not downright adversarial) with her. But now it’s nice.
I don’t know where I got the “make my woman happy” thing from.
I had never heard the saying  “happy life, happy wife” until later in life, but let’s face it, that saying has gotta be the major no brainier of married life, if not life in general.
So hearing her this morning I was taken aback,  but said nothing, as what was I to reply to such a thing?

I suppose it’s a woman thing. Well probably a man thing too.
I guess we rely on spouses to provide constant entertainment and if that stops we’re stuffed.

Well maybe Louis had more adventures than me, but I’m as happy as Louis.
And my wife’s not a malcontent at all. Not really. But she’s a real woman, and if the action stops, she gets bored and I have to know about it.
I don’t think men get bored so easily or at least don’t notice it when they are.