More than a paint job

We’ve been painting and decorating since 1980; Interior and exterior, but as spring approaches it’s time to talk exteriors.
There is considerable moisture and temperature variation stress on exterior paintwork and if the paint quality and preparation isn’t up to standard it becomes apparent within the first year.

The most common problems are caused by repairs to the woodwork not being carried out correctly. Many exterior fillers on the market are just not up to our climate. They soon fail, shrink, crack and moisture enters the timber causing rot. This means your next paint job will need to be carried out sooner than otherwise and will entail more expensive timber repairs and replacement.
If the glazing putties aren’t raked out when they should be, moisture will enter timber via the glass/putty gap and cause rot to the window rails.

If the render or stonework is prepared and filled with white cellulose filler this will absorb moisture and although not as costly as timber rot it is unsightly after the first winter.

Our quotations and specifications state what preparation we will do and what products we will use. I try to state what proportion of the woodwork will be stripped back to bare wood and to examine the windows to see if they have been repaired properly in the past or just filled.
Having been at this this for many years I can spot wood rot from the ground at the time of quoting (before ladders or scaffolding goes up) and so alert the client to what repairs he might expect once the stripping down is done.
We use the best products because they are more enjoyable to work with and as more than 85% of the cost of an exterior paint job is labour it makes no sense to skimp on materials.

I like to work with clients who understand what we are doing will take time to explain our approach.

I hope you will call me.