Proper Painting in Putney


Probably too early in the year ( I’m writing this in January) but exterior painting is my passion so I’ll write something now in the hope it will be useful in a couple of months for the early spring that we deserve this year.

How will you decide if your home needs painting?
How will you know if there is incipient rot in the woodwork?

Well if it has been more than five years since the last paint job your house might need painting.
(Our products generally last longer than 5 years.)

Anyway, go poke around the windows with a knife
If the knife goes easily into the wood or if the paint over the wood is shrunken and krinkled, that would indicate rot.
We can fix rot permanently cheaper than most without replacing whole sashes or cills.
Wood protection begins at the preparation stage and is not just about paint.
Modern chemistry has solved some of the problems of wood care and we are in touch with these advances.
For window repairs we use Repair Care International products.
These products are the best that money can buy and will prolong the life of your old windows that are made from good properly seasoned old wood and worth keeping because they will last longer than replacement windows.
Take a look at this site:

Other things to look out for:

Does your brickwork need re-pointing? Have the driving rains of January illuminated the weak spots?
Is the flow of your guttering correct, or is it slowly and secretly causing damp and other problems?

Not all of these problems are visible to an untrained eye.
A minor problem can become a real situation, particularly if water flows where it shouldn’t.

MAINTAIN: keep in good condition by checking or repairing regularly. Oxford Concise Dictionary.

Or a stitch in time..

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