Painting in hot weather-yes.

Should you be painting in such hot weather as we are having in London this July 2018?

The short answer is yes. Just try to paint in the shade. This is better for both paint and painter. The temperature has to get above 32c as in Australia or Spain before you need to think about damage to the drying process.

But if you’re using water-based paint on a hot dry day it may dry too fast to brush it out properly.

We don’t use water-based paint on woodwork, so if you’re using our services you don’t have to worry. In fact you won’t  have to worry about anything with us.

If however you are using your spouse to paint your house in hot weather better get them a hat and… and,  top tip of all top tips: make him or her a drink to replace the lost potassium consisting of water and a good organic cider vinegar -2 tablespoons stirred into a glass of water. If you don’t like the taste,  mix some honey into it. Chances are you will like the taste if you’re body needs it and good cider vinegar doesn’t taste bad anyway.

But yes, make the most of this brief breath of heat, this short date of summer’s lease, while too hot the eye of heaven shines,  and get out there and paint your house. The change of work mode good as a holiday, you’ll have something more than holiday photos to show for your money and the neighbours will have something nice to look at-especially if it was us you got in to paint it.

  1. Good luck and enjoy the summer while it lasts.

But PS. If you’re not enjoying the warm days,  chances are you have sweated out potassium that needs replacing. That drink I mentioned is a very easily absorbable source of potassium.