Rotten Wood Repairs -more lasting than Epoxy filler.



Here is what sometimes happens:

The client accepts a fixed price. The price represents a specific number of days for the decorator to complete the work and he sets about to achieve this target.
However during the preparation stage, the decorator uncovers rot to the wooden windows.

If these are to be properly repaired it will extend the time needed for the job. Also if the rot is considerable a carpenter might be needed at short notice, and if not readily available, the job will be delayed.
The decorator should go to the client and report the situation and the extra cost.

But in this situation neither the client nor the decorator want this and so the rot is “temporarily” repaired using a two pack epoxy wood filler. This appears justifiable because wood filler is a proprietary product made for this purpose.
Painted over it all looks good until the filler shrinks, lets in water and the rot continues. Our house then looks like it needs painting after less than half the normal period, and next time round the rot is so extensive as to necessitate replacement of entire windows.

How to avoid the situation:

If the client understands that rot is not easily spotted at the time of survey and quotation he will accept a fixed price quotation, but with a rot provision.
A decorator who gave such a quotation would be providing honest and good advice.

But it can get even better:

Repair Care International is a Dutch firm that recognized this problem in the eighties and developed a permanent wood repair system. Any operative can be trained in it’s use in a few hours, eliminating the need for a carpenter and so keeping costs down.
Repair Care has the three properties that wood filler hasn’t;
It doesn’t shrink, it is slightly flexible, and very importantly, it forms a chemical bond to the wood that is permanent.

See the Repair Care link on our website for more information.