Painting and Window Repairs

Why keep painting old wooden windows when you can have maintenance free UPVC you might ask.

Here is some information:

Most of the heat loss through old windows is through draughts and not so much because of the single glaze.

Whether they rattle or not you will lose heat from old sash windows unless they are draught sealed.

Draught sealing will also keep out the noise. Your house will feel warmer and stay warmer for longer after the heating shuts off.

So if your old windows are draught sealed, then permanently repaired using the Repair Care System and then painted using the best modern crack resistant flexible paint, they will indeed be renewed and you will be as happy with them as the first person who ever owned your property way back in time.
If that all sounds good, call us.

My own house has a mixture of old and new UPVC.
I have the UPVC at the top of the house on the dormer windows to avoid erecting expensive scaffold up to that floor to paint.
But I have to say I would miss the challenge of opening those old sash windows if I had UPVC all over.
I have various methods of opening them to avoid straining my back and spending money on osteopaths that could otherwise be put towards UPVC replacement or the proper renovation of the wooden windows I have been talking about here but failed to yet take my own advice.
I figure this lack of sorting out my own property thoroughly to be an essential part of my tradesman bona fides.
Much the same as the cobbler’s barefoot children or the psychologist’s neurotic husband -to use a modern metaphor I just now thought up.
All that said I have to say that I really do miss the challenge when opening my gossamer gliding UPVC sashes up in the loft.

Well I hoped this has helped you decide on choosing windows and choosing us

Good luck