Tenders for Paintworks in London

If you are looking for professional painters and decorators to tendor for paintworks please read on. We work on painting, decorating and maintenance of interiors and exteriors and are specialists in everything we do.

We cover many areas of London including the Regents area, NW1, Primrose Hill, Chelsea, Kensington and Central London.

Previous clients include Primrose Hill NW1 where we decorated the entire exterior of a block of flats. Whilst the scaffolding was up we made use of the scaffolding licence and started with the roof and gutters and the jobs needed there. Many clients do not think to get this done at the same time, or with a decorating company. We have trained staff fully insured to fix and repair all types of roof and gutter problems as well as remedying wood rot problems with windows and other exterior prep and maintenance work.

We maintained the roof by the repairing leaks and making good and then moved on to the gutters, some of which were predictably blocked due to lack of attention for a long time and not falling correctly. The remedy and maintenance of these areas depending on size of frontage is usually a day.

On the exterior of the building, the render needed attention and we had to remove part of it and replace it with sand/cement. Great care is taken to ensure the job we do is permanent and lasts as it is a huge task for residents and leaseholders to undertake. We ensure nothing needs to be redone or patched up later. Our standards are the highest you can expect and our clients are renown for referrals due to their high satisfaction.

Windows were also given attention as some had extensive rotted wood and we used our Repair Care products to get this done professionally and as a permanent repair, rather than use a patch up filler for a cheaper and less effective remedy.

With such a job there are obviously many residents effected by the work we undertake and we find more communication to individual residents usually makes things smoother all round. The residents of this block of flats were delighted with out workmen and with the information on progress, plans on when we would need to access their windows, etc.

The time period reasonably expected for an exterior job varies on what is found once preparation work is underway. All estimates are usually perfect however some reasonable leeway is appreciated as prep and weather can add on time.