The cost of painting exterior windows

If the windows on your property look anything like the double hung sash windows in the picture the cost per window to include preparation and painting in 3 coats would be £130 each. A little less if in good condition and more if really poor condition.

The £130 doesn’t include the surrounding stonework which can be elaborate on some older properties.

If you send me a picture of your property I can give you an accurate cost for the everything including whether it can be done with ladders or needs scaffolding.

If the timber cill is rottted we can often repair it with the Repair Care system. See:

JP Taffe Ltd are accredited users of all Repair Care products.

If beyond Repair we can replace the cill in hardwood, nicely primed with aluminium primer for £230.

The cost of painting the front door and frame would be around £250.

The house in the picture here would cost about £2500 plus around £600 for a scaffold. It has a basement that you can’t quite see.

If you have a scaffold up you might as well make the most of it. Clean debris out of the gutters and check them for leaks and proper fall. Also check the roof for slipped slates etc., secure any cables, make sure balcony floors are watertight and pigeons are not hanging about being annoying.

Speaking of annoying; if you have a problem with ladybirds coming in your house I have some experience with that. For some reason they prefer to enter through the upper windows and somehow get in through the tiny gaps in sash window frames. These can be sealed.

As you may have gathered from the website we aren’t  just painters and are competent at all areas of exterior property maintenance.

All surveys are cost free, are done by myself and come with sound advice.

Hope to hear from you soon.