Exterior Painting- Preparation and Pressure Washing

Exterior Painting and Repairs-Pressure Washing.

There is something to get excited about in the world of external painting and that is the more general use today of pressure washers in preparing paintwork.
This is a welcome upgrade in standards.
The water pressure not only cleans thoroughly ( avoiding dirt being sanded back into the woodwork and other surfaces) but also blows free much of the loose substrate and is particularly useful on cast iron fire escapes getting into those nooks and crannies.
A lesser known benefit is simplicity of use.

Pressure washing on site can be done by an apprentice with thoroughnes assured bide to the obsession factor.
Such obsession will be familiar to anyone who has ever cleanen a stone patio or footpath with such a device and been unable to stop despite clear visual evidence that the grouting is being blown out by sheer force of water.
This brings to mind other cautions.
For example: One of the pressure washers’ many temptations are vents. Do not try to pressure clean vents in the brickwork or stonework as some of these( even at ground level) are above the level of the internal floor providing a clear route to that newly installed £80 per metre hardwood.

But with all cautions heeded, including use of proper footwear to avoid painfully squirting your flip-flopped feet, they are a useful and fun means of using  a lot of water.

If you’re thinking DIY, don’t get a dinky one or you’ll be holding the nozzle so close to the surface for effect,  it won’t be fun at all, and neither one so powerful and heavy you can’t lift it easily.

Good luck