Surveyors, Schedule of Works, Property Maintenance and good communication.

Since the 1980’s JP Taffe has worked with surveyors on projects across London. These typically entail a erecting a scaffold to a block or townhouse of flats and doing whatever is necessary from the scaffold. This would include painting, repairs to woodwork, pointing brickwork, roof work including asphalt, slates and lead work, plastering and rendering. Internally it would include electrics and fire alarm systems, plastering  painting and wallpapering.

We are accustomed to working with building professionals and therefore have an  understanding of surveyors’ needs; namely regular, accurate reports with any variations to the schedule reasonably accounted and well written up.

We understand that when working on a leasehold property with many occupants it is important for the operatives to maintain a good standard of  communication and service. For example proper notification of  requirements such as when windows need to be left unlocked ready for repairs and painting or when electricity might be interrupted.

Every now and again I spend some time researching new products available and am pleased to say that over the years we have been able to introduce some of these to the surveyors we work with.

I enjoy working with surveyors and discussing better ways forward and how to bring a contract in within the contingency sums.

Once a contract is started we are there every day ensuring it is brought in on time. Because we are continually on site, we can advise on rainfall results and if the water flow is being directed where it should be because as you may know the best water test possible is a downpour and the surveyor for practical reasons cannot be there for such an occurance, but we are more likely to be there and able to record if the water flows where it shouldn’t.

Lastly we are up date with Health and Safety compliance and can readily provide the needed risk assessments and method statements.