London Exterior Painting in Spring

Exterior painting is probably the most important part of home maintenance and November (as I write)  is not too early to be thinking about having this work done in the spring.

But when painting and particularly if a scaffold is involved it’s a good idea to look at any other maintenance that can be done while the scaffold or ladders are in place.

Here’s a list of exterior maintenance items that should be checked off:

Gutters-ensure they are cleaned out, have the correct fall, are not leaking, and brackets are secure.

Brickwork-inspect for holes left by plumbers who couldn’t get access, check the condition of the pointing or anything loose or that doesn’t look right.

Cables-these can be bound together and secured to the wall to look tidy.

Plant growth. Remove any plant growth, trim excesssive ivy growth.

TV Aerials can be taken down if not in use.

Roof. Inspect for slipped slates, loose lead flashing, secure chimney pots if not stable or any cement fillets that need renewing

Pigeons. Pigeon spikes can be installed to encourage pigeons to settle elsewhere-most likely the neighbours property.

Ask the painters to include an inspection of these things at the time of quoting as then they will understand from the outset you want a comprehensive job. Bear in mind it may not be possible to quote all these extra maintenance items until the access is in place.

If you want some or all of the above looked at then give me a call. I will ensure you get sound advice with your no-cost easy to grasp, non-ambiguous survey. It’s me, Joe who does the surveys.

Myself and my operatives at JP Taffe Decorating and Property Maintenance Ltd have many years experience in exterior maintenance enabling us to solve problems the most cost effective way.

And by the way, we also do interior work including excellent paper hanging.

Hope to hear from you soon.