Preparation for Painting and Repairs

February is not a month to wish away, longing for Spring, it’s a month for preparation,  so when time speeds up, as it’s wont to do with the year’s progression, you are ready. The word ‘prepare’ by the way comes from the Latin ‘praeparare’ meaning -make ready.

Another similar use of the word is getting a surface made ready to receive paint.

This is what you expect of the painter you hire. But how do you ensure this is done correctly?

Surveyors sometimes ask to inspect the work after the preparation and before the painting. Some of you might remember a widespread use of pink primer the purpose of which being to show clearly that primer had indeed been used.

But if preparation inspection is one too many details in a busy life then ask for photos of the preparation work before the paint is applied.

This is something we are proud to do because I consider my firm does more preparation than most.

We also use the most expensive fillers and resins.

I am particularly proud of Repair Care a product of modern chemistry from Holland.

If you have a moment look it up at:

This product does the 3 important things that 2 pack epoxy fillers won’t do.

It has zero shrinkage so it won’t allow water through in years to come.

It is slightly flexible so can withstand movement like on a slamming door or window.

And-The Big One, it bonds chemically with properly prepared timber.

Remarkable repairs can be done using this product that make the tedious and expensive job of splicing in timber where the rot has been removed unnecessary.

Plus being able to keep the windows in good repair and not replacing them is a very green solution particularly as the rot is usually only a small percentage of the timber volume of an otherwise good window.

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And good luck making ready for Spring