Replace or Repair? Advice on windows and how to avoid tragedy.

In many instances the replacement of old sash windows can be a tragedy.

Here’s why:

The original sash windows are usually constructed of softwood but softwood not like the softwood produced today.

The old softwood was slow-grown and properly seasoned. It was then treated by those early twentieth century decorators with care and skill using traditional  methods such as whiting and the use of durable lead paints.

Hence it has endured through the decades and through the development of pneumatic tires, disc brakes, seen VHS videos come and go, MySpace come and go, and Facebook and google come and… well, and here we are now in 2019 with our warmest February for two and a half thousand years and we still have half of London looking out of old sash windows. Remarkable.

So what’s my point?

Keep those windows.

Keep them going by doing effective and permanent repairs that make use of modern chemistry with Repair Care products all the way from Holland.

Here at JP Taffe Decorating and Property Maintenance Ltd we use the Repair Care system for all our repairs to windows and doors.

If you have a moment look up their website at:

If in a hurry read on here.

Briefly Repair Care does the three essential things that other epoxy, two-pack filllers won’t do.

1. It is slightly flexible which is essential if used in a moving part such as a door or window and won’t shake loose at the first or one hundredth slam of that door or window.

2. It has 0% shrinkage. This means gaps between it and wood won’t appear,  allowing water in.

3. It forms a chemical bond with the wood and so in a zen sort of way becomes one with the wood of your old sash windows.

And so, if you’ve been thinking that sadly you have to part with windows older than your great grandmother, think again and call me.

I’ll be very happy to come by and give you some free advice and a no obligation, no-hassling-later-quotation.

Sound good?  It is good. We are good.

Repair Care is a marvellous product that can change your maintenance future.

Looking forward to hearing from you