Painting in Putney and a tree of life.

I was looking forward to this spring with hope that all the talking and lack of decision lingering around Westminster would be over. Well at least the big decisions done with and we could return to more a varied array of bad news.  Alas, the decisions we were all hoping for this spring haven’t come. But at least the spring itself is coming.  This we know and it’s one of life’s wonderful certainties.

Even when weather is bad this time of year we yet know it will improve despite itself. Spring is hope and even though that hope may be deferred we are confident our longing for sunshine will be fulfilled and summer will be a tree of life just like the proverb says; if not in politics then at least in our gardens.

However my blog aim today is not to be lofty like a proverb, rather it is simply about not letting your outside painting go too long between paint jobs,  because apart from keeping people like me busy you also need the peace of mind that comes from maintenance fulfilled.

How nice it is to know the rainwater is running where it should and not cascading over the brickwork and consequently seeping through those bricks causing internal problems. And oh, how reassuring to see your windows are sealed and not letting in the weather causing wet rot or worse,  dry rot -that biblically named plague of dwellings.

I am happy to come and talk to you about all things to do with maintaining your property. I call my firm JP Taffe Decorating and Property Maintenance Ltd because we are more than just painters. If we are up there on ladders or scaffold we will look to see if things are how they should be in all respects,  including guttering, rainwater pipes, brickwork, loose cables, drainage, slipped slates on the roof or whatever might be included in external maintenance.

Here’s a little exercise if you want to see just how well your guttering is performing: go outside next time there’s a downpour and see if the water is flowing where is should.

If it isn’t call me.