Painting Decorating Repairs and Winter Protection

And summer’s lease hath all too short a date:

Well yes; nearly winter come again. How fast was that?
Even the young now exclaim how fast time goes by, so I am beginning to suspect there has indeed been a change in the cosmos causing actual time to be faster in the twenty first century. Perhaps we should only have Christmas every second year now, giving us all a break. Plus the saving on all those lights would be greener.
Fortunately it doesn’t because technology has fought back and conquered the universe once again in the form of longer lasting repair and paint products.
The Dulux Weathershield System for example, today has 8 year all weather protection and the all important PREPARATION process has been improved beyond measure by the introduction of the Repair Care System from The Netherlands.
This is a system to permanently handle decayed wood.
I need to say more about Repair Care because it is simply the best innovation in timber repair to arrive since I don’t know when and is specified by all old sash window loving surveyors and property maintenance experts.
Some years ago in Holland, modern chemistry was applied to the problem of filling holes and handling decay in timber, and better methods than the inadequate filling of holes using 2-pack fillers or splicing in new sections of wood where there was rot, was sought. It was also known that the older timber was often superior to the new replacement wood and therefore should be preserved.
Repair Care has completely altered timber preparation procedure to arrive at a very specific technique enabling complicated wood repairs to joints and moving parts, so preserving the likes of old sash windows rather than replacing them.
If you have a moment please have a look at the Repair Care website to get a grasp of this technology at:

With the above mentioned advances in paint technology, thorough preparation, permanent repairs to decayed wood and a diligent decorator your property will be looking good after 8 years and more despite the drama of harsh winters and Shakespeare’s sometimes too hot the eye of heaven shining.

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