Wet Rot Dry Rot

Wet rot. Dry rot.
Almost all homes will have to deal with wood rot at some time.
You may not know how common wood rot is when asking for an external painting quotation.
And a decorator may not be trained to recognise rot or the beginnings of it.
If rot is ignored it might show up as premature flaking paint, leaving the client thinking the decorator’s preparation wasn’t up to the mark. He would of course be right.
If the rot is dry rot, the affected timber must be eradicated rather than repaired. A decorator should know how to recognise the difference and report to the client.
Faulty preparation is caused as much by lack of technical knowledge as by lack of care, and many decorators are just not aware of the products now available in the UK.
To this end I invite you to look deeper into my website, particularly at the REPAIR CARE products.

Good luck