Please send pictures of your house for a free quote.

If you are looking to get an idea of cost for the outside of your house, please send me a few pictures.

From these I can tell if a scaffold is needed, and often detect potential rot, or problems that could be avoided.

Rot in woodwork can be expensive to repair/replace, but don’t worry, we have the most efficient, practical and permanent repair system in the business.

You may already have heard me talking about Repair-Care and how it can give new life to old timber windows and I invite you to visit the Repair Care website at

However, if you are at the quote gathering phase, I’m happy to come by and give you sound advice and a free quote.

Along with other plans for summer, like holidays and coastal walks, April is a good time to book painters for the summer. Even though this summer looks, so far, to be less busy than the last three years, I still expect it to be busy enough.

So before I go, just a few words on what is likely the most important parts of an exterior paint job-Preparation and Primers.

Thorough preparation should include removal, by sanding or scraping, all denatured wood. Denatured wood is grey, not the nice yellowish or reddish colour of more alive wood. Yes the cells in good wood are actually alive!

Once the denatured wood is removed the appropriate primer is applied. Normal wood primer is good, but for hardwood, aluminium primer is needed.

If you have hardwood window sills, you may have noticed the paint peeling, if they’ve not been primed with Aluminium Primer. Aluminium Primer will stabilize the hardwood allowing further and enduring coats of undercoat and gloss.

I hope this has been useful and you will think of JP Taffe Decorating and Property Maintenance Ltd when next you are looking to upgrade your home.

Good luck