Ladders or Scaffold?

I don’t mind clients asking me if painting or repairs can be done from a ladder as I’ve enough experience to know immediately if they can or cannot be.

The question is: How high?

Then it’s a simple yes or no.

Here are some guidelines:

After the safety question comes quality. You will get a better job from a tradesman working on the firm footing of a good scaffold. It’s also the main reason we come across upper windows in a poorer condition. Earlier painters were in a hurry to get down off that ladder.

Working from a scaffold is more efficient as it requires less energy than balancing on a ladder. This is apart from ladders requiring the operative to go up and down more frequently.

So what a client may save on scaffold can be easily be lost on more ladder-labour time.

Lastly, back to safety: No one wants to have to worry about an accident occurring on their property.

So unless it’s a quick-fix, like clearing a gutter, perching on a rung is for the birds.

Thank you for taking time to read this, and if ever you want to discuss a possible project, please give me a call for sound and free advice.