Colour ideas, Inspiration, Imagination and Creation

Ahh…Good words. All of five of them

Take the word “Creation”- the beginning of things.

Vedic philosophy makes a big deal of Create Survive Destroy. So they should.

Create Survive Destroy is life- all of life, or a part of life. This is useful if one knows to embrace all three, and not to be fixed on one.

For example; if fixed on just surviving, then nothing is changing, or there’s not enough change, and life is boring and so could you be too.

It is interesting that boring is the worst insult we’ve come up with.

So how do we eliminate boring? Look to the old Hindu philosophy and move to the beginning of the cycle and Create!

Now if it’s your living room you wish to Create you might first need to begin at the very end of the Vedic cycle with Destroying the old wallpaper-as you can’t make an omelette without breaking eggs.

See? We in the west knew the Veda in our own words (eggs) all along.

On the Create side;

The Dulux Visualizer App

will give your Creative imagination a helping hand and it’s a lot of fun to play with.

Imagination is the best part of us.

Enjoy creating, don’t wait for spring to come, make your own good times.