Health & Safety

I’ve just come in from the garden, frustrated and intent on buying a cordless hedge trimmer.

But I see they are 4 times the cost of my corded trimmer, whose cord I’ve accidently cut for the 4th time.

I’m not spending £200 on a cordless and will figure out some Health and Safety measures for my corded hedge trimmer.

This is on the firm basis of closing the stable door after the horse has bolted.

That, by the way has been an English proverb since the middle ages. We all know it and continue to do it, none more so than our authorities.

Perhaps there’s something unclear about that proverb:

“For whan the grete Stiede is

stole, thanne he taketh hiede,

And makth the stable dore fast.”

John Gower 1390

Seems clear enough.

I wanted to say a few words about Health & Safety and thought I’d get your attention first, as some find H&S not a riveting subject.

At JP Taffe Decorating and Property Maintenance Ltd, we use all forms of access to work at height and know how to apply the rules effectively, but also efficiently, so as to keep costs down.

From a good scaffold a painter can and will do a better job.

We have our own Health & Safety policies, method statements and risk assessments and these are available on request.

Best regards