Proper Painting Preparation Repairs and Permanence Putney to Pimlico

While there is such a thing as a permanent repair, there is not such a thing as permanent painting.
But ten years between paint jobs would be good though wouldn’t it?
Or do you want more than ten?
Well let me tell you something; if the job has been done well you just might be able to leave it longer than ten and get away without damage to the woodwork. Never mind the painted stonework as this won’t be damaged particularly and the French don’t paint their stonework anyway.
Your property would not look ready to sell after ten or more years, but it might still be keeping the weather out.
And here’s something else:
If the timber is inferior it is likely to rot anyway so what’s the point of spending money painting it?
And this finally brings me to my point, which is that much of the timber sold today is inferior to that used when your house was built way back early last century or whenever.
Therefore you should try to keep those old windows.
If only a small amount of the window is rotted, would it not make sense to try and save the rest?
Yes it would, and this can be done using a permanent repair system called Repair Care.( Well I had to come to the sales pitch eventually.)
Repair Care is a product from Holland that can be used by any painter after one day’s training. It’s a high quality resin, not to be confused with two pack epoxy fillers which are very much cheaper and don’t do the same job at all.
JP Taffe Decorating and Property Maintenance are accredited users of the Repair Care System and we love using this product because it means you don’t have to throw away nice old windows and it looks so fabulous before it’s painted over it always seems a shame not to leave the resin exposed to view.
So if your window appears to show signs of rot or decay don’t call for window replacement and risk having inferior timber replacing your original good stuff.
Call us. Or me in fact, as I’m the one who runs the company and the one who does all the surveys without charge. Free estimates in other words. I prefer the word surveys because after 30 years I’ve enough experience to do more than estimate.

I hope to see you soon