Putney Bridge in November. And Painting too.


This is about Putney and Painting. The Putney history is in Italics

Putney and some history about Putney Bridge.

This was the first bridge to be built over the Thames after London Bridge. Back then in 1700 and something it was called Fulham Bridge and was made of wood

Another item of interest about the bridge before I move onto more exciting paint facts:

Mary Shelley, author of Frankenstein had a just as famous mum, Mary Wollstonecraft,  the feminist, who threw herself off the old wooden bridge in 1795 after discovering her partner was having an affair with an actress.

She was rescued by boatmen, dumped the cad,  married a philosopher, and had a daughter, Mary Shelley.

So on to painting, and interior painting as it’s November as I write this.

Interior paint,  unlike exterior paint, endures little elemental stress so you need only to go for one thing, coverage.

A paint that will cover most anything with two coats is Dulux. It has the best coverage of all the English paints in my experience.

And if your painter has quoted for only two coats then you’ll need that coverage.

I will mention however that we at JP Taffe Decorating, will give a third coat, when needed, even when not allowed for in the quote

Dulux is hard to beat, has a fabulous colour range and an informative website. I don’t get paid to push Dulux, ( I should ) it’s just what I like to use.

They have a visualiser app too. With this you can do a virtual paint job of a room and avoid costly colour choice mistakes. The app is a lot of fun to play with.

If you have cracking to ceilings, they could return soon after the painting is finished, so use Hardie Backer Fiba tape over the filled crack to ensure it doesn’t return when your teenage son drops his dictionary on the floor above.

If you’re looking to get someone in to paint, we are a good bet.

We are house trained, don’t smoke, take off our shoes, will wear masks if required, and can feed the cat.

I hope you are looking forward to Christmas and not depressed by the onset of the dark nights.

But if you are,  you can bring the sunshine to your living room by painting it with pleasant decorators like us.

Happy Christmas