Sticking it out.

When we disagree with the crowd out of principle, or we believe what we see, not what we’re told, we have to take some stick.
Now, in taking stick we can feel we are being punished and because punishment was dished out in the past when we were bad, we can think:
“I’m being punished therefore I must’ve done something bad”
The feeling may not express itself as clearly as that, nevertheless doubt comes in.
This happens because the human condition is not always rational.
For many, the punishment-equals-I’ve-done-something
-wrong,  scenario, won’t occur.
Either way though, you will get stick if you disagree with the crowd.
But other than getting bashed about, disagreeing is healthy.
That is the reward.
The reward is not looking forward to a future when you tell your detractors:
“I told you so.”
I’ve tried this and it
is astonishingly unsatisfying.
I know, it’s not fair and all the laws of the universe seem to indicate that it should be satisfying to make the crowd wrong.
But who wants to agree with the laws of the universe anyway?
We are spiritual beings, the universe is not.
I’ve straggled from the point now.
The point is, that in the future when the crowd comes on board, you don’t want to make them wrong; you want their help.
And besides they always change their story, like  reinterpreting their past viewpoint as being equivocal.
So the “told you so” won’t fetch the result you expected.