Van Gogh and the Pleasure of Giving

It’s not so bad for some, this lockdown thing. I think it’s oversold but I’m being a good citizen, so far.

I wanted to talk about colour. My neighbour has just painted the outside of his house in a Farrow and Ball colour and it’s looking lovely and organic. They do have a knack those F&B people, down there in Dorset of coming up with just the right shades and their off whites are really, really good too.

I say all this even though I’m a Dulux Paints fan and user.

The wonderful thing about colour is that if you get it right people look and get pleasure from the experience. So you’re giving something to your community.

Van Gogh,  he went down to Arles all those years ago and was completely blown out by the colours brought on by the Mistral wind that blows down the Rhône Valley and dries all the humidity from the air, so allowing the full spectrum of colour to show in the southern French sunshine.

He was so happy about it and so, so wanted others to see what he saw that he painted ceaselessly for eighteen months. Yes most of his work that you know, was done in that short period he lived in Arles; a period when every morning he went out with his easel and looked. What a marvellous thing it is to really look like an artist looks.

So here’s a tip to get the colour right on your exterior painting and give to passers by a little of the pleasure that Van Gogh did:

Download the Dulux Visualiser App and with a photo of your house or room and then paint the photo the colour of your choice, electronically.

It’s a thoroughly enjoyable thing to do and the App is free.

Have fun.