Repairs and Painting in London

September and October can be the best months for exterior painting. It’s not that the average monthly rainfall is particularly less, it’s more the equinoctial winds that dry things rapidly after a shower. Therefore it’s not too late to get going if you did want your outside painted before April and have good protection for your windows during the coming winter.

We can also clear out your gutters after the leaf fall in October. We often work on exteriors throughout November too as the winters recently have been arriving late and winter doesn’t start officially till December 1st or even December 21st if you go by the astronomical season rather than the meteorological first of the month. Ok so now we have that all sorted I can talk about how best to protect your home or house or houses even.

Most important is that the rainfall is being carried away by your external plumbing without splashing onto brickwork or woodwork causing damp and rot respectively. This requires a quick look around for dark patches of brickwork or mossed areas. But even better is to go out during a downpour and make sure the water is going where it should. We can have a look for the dark and mossed areas when we come to quote but can’t guarantee to arrive during a thunderstorm.

Once you have all the water going and flowing where it should you can get down to repairs and painting.

We can also look to make sure your gutters and hopper heads are free from obstruction and have the correct falls.

In fact we are keen to do everything we can while up on ladders or scaffold; things like checking for slipped roof slates or tiles, securing cables and ensuring you have no broken brackets holding up the gutters and rainwater pipes.

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