In case you didn’t know

When a person has been working at one occupation for 40 years it can easily be forgotten how much knowledge is accumulated. Perhaps the experienced person doesn’t value such experience as much as it should be valued because  youth often blithely disregards it.

But every so often I’m called upon to solve a problem others haven’t.

It’s these times I realise just how much one learns over the years. Things taken for granted and things one expects others would have learnt in their training.

So here I am, experienced, at your service and willing to help you solve those problems others haven’t.

Problems like rot in an old window. An old window you want to keep for appearance reasons or green reasons or expense reasons.

And why not keep that window when only 5-10% of the window is rotted and the rest of it is the still good, older, superior, slow grown and properly dried softwood.

All those reasons: appearance, green and expense are good reasons and the reason why I have been using Repair Care, the best product on the market for the handling of rot in timber.

Repair Care is a product of modern applied chemistry, developed in Holland in the late eighties, refined throughout the nineties,  proven time and again since and recommended by most up to date architects and surveyors. I love it.

Repair Care is a high grade resin that:

1. Forms a chemical bond to the timber

2. Won’t  shrink

3. Is slightly flexible

These three properties make Repair Care particularly applicable for repair of moving parts such as sash windows and doors.

Normal two-pack filler has none of these three properties.

JP Taffe Decorators and Property Maintenance are accredited users of all Repair Care products.Our operatives are trained and experienced in their use. This means we can usually solve your rotted window problems without drama or loss of your favourite sash window.

Give me a call for free sound advice and an accurate quotation.