House Painting Costs

If you figure the outside of your house would take two men a week to paint then the cost would be around £2000.
Add for scaffold if needed and Vat.
An alarm on the scaffold can be around £250 for the front.

There you go. That’s about as close as I can say in answer to the question- How much does painting cost?
Paint and other consumables make up 12-15% of the cost and the rest is labour. So it makes sense to insist on the best materials as the cost increase is small in percentage terms. The Dulux Weathershield System is excellent.
If I have pictures I can give you an accurate figure, usually.
A fixed price for the job is good for client and contractor but let the contractor know that if he finds anything unforeseen like wood rot or failed stucco, he should let you know rather than be shy about finding extras.
Plenty of rubbing down and a good amount of dust created is the key to a sound job. Ensure they don’t get the sandpaper near the glass because it scratches and come those sunny September days when the sun is lower in the sky it shows up terribly.
Obviously windows need to be opened, but close the room doors to prevent the dust drafting through.
Some contractors want money up front for materials. I don’t do that. If the job is over two weeks I’ll ask for a sum commensurate with progress after a week or sometimes once the scaffold is up.
Once complete give yourself a day or so to have a good look. Make a snagging list of anything you find and give it to the painter.
I hope you find these few tips useful and they help to make your summer more pleasant.

Good luck