Eco Painting and Quality, Recycling and Exterior Painting – or Interior Painting – in London. A painter’s thoughts

Hello again,
I’ve done a little green and recycling research on the World Wide Web and am pleased to pass on a few ideas.
First a tip on dumping unused paint:
Latex or water based paints can be poured into a box with shredded paper or similar substance like kitty litter or something absorbent and allowed to dry. It could then be dumped as non hazardous waste and the tin separately.

Oil based paint is hazardous waste and needs dumping in that section of your local waste facility.

Other suggestions such as not buying more paint than needed (precycling) aren’t much use.

What none of the recycling sites mentioned was that quality paint lasts longer and that has got to be greener as any higher quality product would be.
Quality is green. Now there’s a catch phrase. That applies to most merchandise.

An example of quality being greener in another field:
What’s the cost to recycle a cheap mattresses every two years rather than two decades for a quality mattress?
Plus the back problems brought about by a cheap mattress.

The defence secretary said last month at the launch of our latest vessel that we need aircraft carriers in an uncertain world. For the woman in the street-or house, quality products would be security in this uncertain world.

Quality products are not necessarily but usually the most expensive.
Our quotes for painting your property inside or outside are NOT the most expensive, but the products we buy usually are.

Specific eco paints are still quite expensive, particularly if the coverage isn’t so good and more paint is needed.

Dulux has committed to increase the percentage of eco products in production and now has the Ecosure range.

I’ve rambled a little this morning and you may not think the aircraft carrier analogy correct. But I hope I’ve given some useful information about quality and greenness.