Dulux, Wallpaper and London and Why your country is better off when you stay at home

Dulux, Wallpaper and London and Why our country is better off when we stay at home.

I’ve got no wifi today but I can at least do some blog writing and bring things up to date.
For a start I thought I’d look at some competitor sites and see what key words they were using to attract the google bot. But then I don’t have wifi.
Then I decided to look up advancements in the decorating world but on attempt was reminded once again that I don’t have wifi.
I am just going to have to rely on my own knowledge.
Before sitting down just now I did try BT again who assured me engineers are working on it and will have it back on ASAP -which is an acronym for absolutely sod all prediction.
Fortunately I can still get Radio 4 and stay up to date on any natural or nuclear disasters.
I hope there’s no disasters because I cleaned and emptied the water butt last week and with no rain since, my stock of rice and pasta would be useless.

There’s always the 50 kilo of beef jerky, but without carbs that could cause digestive problems.
Perhaps I should explain the above for those not survivalist savvy. If the county water supply is contaminated, supermarkets would sell out of bottled water within a half hour and without water to drink or cook with, we’d all be immediately stuffed. Hence the water butt. I recommend two.
I do like to keep up to date on events in the UK because I don’t know about your experience but whenever I’ve been abroad and lost touch with events at home something always happens. There’s either floods or someone famous dies or parliament brings in a new statute I don’t like.

Anyway I did sit down to write about paint and exterior maintenance and how nice freshly painted windows would make your garden look.
I was as I said about to trawl the net seeking decorating tips to pass on but I can’t because of BT.
I will definitely ask them for compensation as I’ve just spent the whole Easter weekend without Netflix.
Plus my son who is usually happy enough in his room doing whatever on the net is now bored and looking in the fridge every forty five minutes.

But back to paint and painting; and looking out the window just now at my blue painted shed I remark how lovely that colour looks against the greenery. Yes you would be amazed. The blue was recommended to us by an artist friend we’ve since fallen out with. I only mention that because I really did like her, but like many artists she was impossible.
So blue for the shed and I have grey windows (my choice) because they go with the browny earthy house bricks.
The blue and the greenery really do look fab though. Check it out with photoshop.
Good luck