What to be

I just wanted to say how glad I feel sometimes to have my own property maintenance business.

Glad too, to control it’s ups and downs using creativity and bright ideas, and of course,  old proven methods (like promoting to old clients)  to make it rise up and flourish from a slump.  It’s like a live entity that responds to my level of interest.

But I guess in any job you can be creative. Like a school teacher for example.   I wouldn’t mind being a school teacher next lifetime. You know they say one doesn’t forget a good school teacher. I haven’t .

Even just the ones who showed real interest in what you did.

And it would be nice to have a life like a school teacher, away from the world of commerce, balance sheets and profit and loss. I’d possibly be more left of centre, but that would be ok for awhile too.

But this time round I’m self employed and I like it well enough.

What a wonderful thing to be creative and feel you are fulfilling a purpose. The purpose of the creatures we are; creative in many and any way. How different our world becomes when we make something or make something happen.

Even the back garden then holds adventure and my unmade bed looks interesting when I’m creative. I then have energy,  failures that have been residing in my soul dissipate, and festering humiliations leave me alone. And sorrow can be borne and even used. 

The question might be-To be or not to be creative.