How to find a painter in London

Now I’ve heard tell that finding a good painter is difficult, but in fact it is a lot easier than finding a spouse or a house. The painter for example, doesn’t need to be attractive or south facing or the right size, though you may expect some warmth and a welcoming feel. And perhaps he … Read more


Perhaps there are home owners who didn’t get around to painting their outside woodwork last summer, who might be thinking, how that wood might have fared over the winter, and what can be done at this late stage. A full exterior painting job during the short damp days of the British winter can be difficult, … Read more

How to handle Wood Rot and a note about Dry Rot.

The owners of most homes with timber windows will have to deal with wood rot at some time. The point is to spot it early and handle it permanently. PERMANENTLY is the key word. Now many of the wood fillers on the market today, including the epoxy “two pack systems” are not good enough for … Read more

Repairs to Rotted Wood that are Permanent

Take a screw driver or knife-something to poke at the paint with, and wherever you see a suspect area, give it a poke and see if the knife goes into the wood like it wasn’t even butter. Look at places where the paint is wrinkled or shrunk, as sometimes the paint surface remains intact and … Read more

Frequency of Exterior Painting in London

Question: How often should you have to re-paint the outside of your property? Answer: Eight to ten years when conditions are favourable What are these favourable conditions? 1.Correct preparation 2.Use of good quality paint. E.g Dulux WeatherShield or Sandtex Flexi Gloss as part of the Sandtex Trade Exterior System. 3. The work is done during … Read more

Rotten Wood Repairs -more lasting than Epoxy filler.

  WOOD ROT REPAIRS Here is what sometimes happens: The client accepts a fixed price. The price represents a specific number of days for the decorator to complete the work and he sets about to achieve this target. However during the preparation stage, the decorator uncovers rot to the wooden windows. If these are to … Read more