A decorators thoughts on Painting

“In character, in manner, in style, in all things, the supreme excellence is simplicity.” Henry Wadsworth Longfellow And so, applying this maxim to painting, I would say it means two things; thorough preparation and use of quality viable products. Thorough preparation entails not only removing old paint where failed, but also removing the grey denatured … Read more

Repairing London Townhouse Windows – wood rot repairs

Here is what sometimes happens: The client accepts a fixed price. The price represents a specific number of days for the decorator to complete the work and he sets about to achieve this target. However during the preparation stage, the decorator uncovers rot to the wooden windows. If these are to be properly repaired it … Read more

An early start to exterior painting and repairs.Plus: More than just a paint job

What is the advantage of an early-in-the-year start to your planned exterior painting, repairs and general maintenance? Early spring is the time when most decorators are less busy than during summer. This can mean faster more efficient service, from both decorators and other trades involved in exterior maintenance. I.e. Scaffolders, carpenters, roofers etc. And another … Read more

External Maintenance: What the Painter saw in Clapham

This photo shows a detail of the front of a Victorian terraced property at high level where it joins the neighbouring property in the terrace. This can only accessed well from a scaffold and demonstrates the point of making the most of such a scaffold and not just painting.Items to be addressed:The cap end of … Read more

London Leaves in your Gutters and other items of External Plumbing

If you’ve ever looked out the window as you fly low into London over the parks, squares and streets of Kensington, Chelsea, Putney and Richmond you would have seen how many trees trees there are. Deciduous ones they are too. The ones that drop leaves into your gutters. Clear free flowing, unblocked gutters is something … Read more

Painting Decorating Repairs and Winter Protection

And summer’s lease hath all too short a date: Well yes; nearly winter come again. How fast was that? Even the young now exclaim how fast time goes by, so I am beginning to suspect there has indeed been a change in the cosmos causing actual time to be faster in the twenty first century. … Read more

Wet Rot Dry Rot

Wet rot. Dry rot. Almost all homes will have to deal with wood rot at some time. You may not know how common wood rot is when asking for an external painting quotation. And a decorator may not be trained to recognise rot or the beginnings of it. If rot is ignored it might show … Read more


Did you know that a newly decorated home will cheer you up, brighten your life and make you feel positive. We at J P Taffe Decorating understand this. It is our business and we enjoy it. From us you will receive good service and a smooth, even finish and colour. Call us for a free … Read more

Painting in London; what I have learnt

I have been painting and decorating in London since 1980 and have learnt a few things. I’ve tried to share some of what I have learnt with you in the various blogs on this site. I think the information is valuable and I’d be very pleased if you were to read some of it and … Read more

More than a paint job

We’ve been painting and decorating since 1980; Interior and exterior, but as spring approaches it’s time to talk exteriors. There is considerable moisture and temperature variation stress on exterior paintwork and if the paint quality and preparation isn’t up to standard it becomes apparent within the first year. The most common problems are caused by … Read more


We are looking for experienced painters. Please only apply if you are experienced to joetaffe@gmail.com let me know: Where you live. If you have a car or hold a licence That you have a UTR number How much experience you have What you can do other than painting What you like doing. I would be … Read more

Wooden Window Repairs and Painting Properly.

Perhaps it’s time to go look and see what has happened to your windows over the winter. And if, like many many Londoners you have old style timber windows, they are worth looking after. That old timber is WELL worth looking after. I can’t say that clearly enough. THOSE ORIGINAL SASH WINDOWS MADE FROM PROPERLY … Read more

Why paint the outside of your house?

Now this might not be a popular thought, but it sometimes occurs to me, that here in our English marine climate, we should be more like the French, who don’t use much, if any paint on the outside of their houses. Whenever I’m there, or was when the exchange rate was fairer, I see lots … Read more

Proper Painting in Putney

EXTERIOR PAINTING LONDON 2015 Probably too early in the year ( I’m writing this in January) but exterior painting is my passion so I’ll write something now in the hope it will be useful in a couple of months for the early spring that we deserve this year. How will you decide if your home … Read more

Domestic Services Maintenance, Painting & Decorating

We offer full painting and decorating services to our customers including consultation regarding colour schemes. Personalised Service Fully Qualified Professional Decorators Interior and Exterior Works Insurance Works Painting Wallpapering Coving If you are looking for a Painter and Decorator in London, or for works throughout the Central London area, your enquiries are always welcome and … Read more

Tenders for Paintworks in London

If you are looking for professional painters and decorators to tendor for paintworks please read on. We work on painting, decorating and maintenance of interiors and exteriors and are specialists in everything we do. We cover many areas of London including the Regents area, NW1, Primrose Hill, Chelsea, Kensington and Central London. Previous clients include … Read more

How to find a painter in London

Now I’ve heard tell that finding a good painter is difficult, but in fact it is a lot easier than finding a spouse or a house. The painter for example, doesn’t need to be attractive or south facing or the right size, though you may expect some warmth and a welcoming feel. And perhaps he … Read more


Perhaps there are home owners who didn’t get around to painting their outside woodwork last summer, who might be thinking, how that wood might have fared over the winter, and what can be done at this late stage. A full exterior painting job during the short damp days of the British winter can be difficult, … Read more